LópezVelarde, Wilson, Abogados / Attorneys - at - Law was founded on the Power of Vision and Focus. Vision to recognize opportunity. Focus to realize its potential for our clients.

And while there cannot be one without the other-vision without focus is fantasy, focus without vision is confinement - the connection between these elements is often lost to the pressures of the practice of law. Concerned by this reality, LópezVelarde, Wilson, Abogados / Attorneys - at - Law was founded by prominent lawyers committed to excellence and the highest ethical standards, but equally committed to a new type of client service-one that balances our client´s needs and aspirations with the tangible results that only a full-service firm in a specialized setting can provide.

This unique perspective allows our clients the freedom to dream, assured that we can deliver.

Your VISION is our FOCUS. Our focus is your POWER.

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At LópezVelarde, Wilson, Abogados / Attorneys - at - Law, our mission is to position, protect and improve the competitive advantage of our clients in the Mexican marketplace.

Our practice focuses on the tangible results that only specialized knowledge, market and regulatory leadership, client-oriented philosophy, and a focused-setting can provide - an approach stemming from our belief that legal counsel must be based on more than just a thorough knowledge of law. At LópezVelarde, Wilson, Abogados / Attorneys - at - Law, it is our mission to provide the type of unsurpassed legal counsel that delivers on the existing needs of our clients, that anticipates future challenges, that drives legal and economic reform, and that enables our clients to realize their vision by capitalizing on opportunity.

Our attorneys currently serve, or have served, as advisors to various governmental entities, including Pemex, the Mexican Congress, the Ministry of Energy, the Federal Competition Commission, the Ministry of Economy, the U.S Department of Labor and Department of State.