Our Firm has developed in the field of energy in the areas that involve the development of infrastructure for the electrical industries, including, among others, negotiation, construction and operation of generation facilities, suppliers, traders, qualified users. We have advised clients on private electricity generation projects from renewable and non-renewable sources, as well as the public sector such as the Federal Electricity Commission.

Through our Trader Company, our Firm acts as a non-supplier trader to carry out the electric energy commercialization activity; related service included in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM); Power; Clean Energy Certificates; importation and exportation of electric power; Contracts Electricity Coverage for trading transactions on electricity; related services in a node of the National Electric System, amoug other services.

Our Firm is the most active giving seminars and conferences in Mexico and abroad in the electrical sector on topics such as alternative energies; cogeneration; legal procedures; Grid Code; Wholesale Electricity Market; public tenders and administrative contracting before the Federal Electricity Commission and its subsidiaries, among other topics.